2020 - Color Wheel challenge

The winner of the 2020 Challenge is Barb Steffy.


The challenge was to break out of your color rut !

Draw a slice of the color wheel. Use this as your starting color and choose one of the following color wheel combinations

  • 1 color only (Monochromatic) — use variations of the color in the slice

  • 2 complementary colors — use the color you drew and the color directly opposite it on the color wheel

  • 3 analogous colors — use the color you drew and the colors on either side

2019 - Brown Bag challenge

Participants exchanged brown bags containing 3 fat quarters.  You could add one additional fat quarter to make any kind of design.  There was enthusiastic participation in this year's challenge with 16 entries.  Jean Lyles was the winner with Barb Steffy a close 2nd.

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