Fabric Boxes

Stuff needed:

Two 10” squares of fabric

Stiff interfacing to fit inside

Interfacing can be fusible or nonfusible.  Or - you can just use batting, but the box will be floppity!

4 cute buttons or beads

Instructions for assembly:


  1. Cut two 10” squares from coordinating fabrics.

  2. Sew the squares together to form a case, right sides together, with a ¼” seam, leaving one side open for turning and for inserting interfacing.

  3. Cut a square of interfacing that it will just fit inside your case.  In the drawing, the dotted lines are the seam lines and I cut the interfacing so that it just fits inside these lines.

  4. Turn and press the case so that it’s nice and square, tucking in the open edge even with the side.

  5. Slip the interfacing in the case and adjust it until it’s nice and snug within.

  6. Edge stitch to finish and close the open edge.

  7. Quilt as desired. 

  8. Fold the square in half so that the fabric you want to end up on the inside of the box is to the outside.
    Make a mark 2” in from each edge of the folded side.  Draw a diagonal line connecting these.  In photo, the fold is on the left.  In these examples, the dotted fabric will end up on the inside of the box.
    Repeat at the other side.
    Stitch these lines.

  9. Now fold the box in half the other way – see photo.  Again, make marks 2” from each edge, connect with a diagonal, and sew the diagonal.  Fold the flaps to the inside and tack down. 

  10. Turn the box right side out.  Fold down the corner flaps, tack down with a bead or button to decorate.

    Optional Finishing Steps!

  11. You can probably see in the photo above, the corner flaps are folded to the inside and tacked (or glued) down.  If you do not want to see these, you can finish off the edges with French seams.
    --with the box inside out, cut off the corners leaving only about 1/8".  
    --turn the box right side out.  Pinch or press each side to a crisp edge.  Stitch a scant 1/4" (just enough to catch the raw edges).  Start and stop this stitching about 1/4" from the top and bottom. 

step 3

step 8

step 9

step 10

Several folks asked for an easy to print version of these instructions! 
So here you are:  cute open boxes pdf.